Season 2010 Diary

July 2010
The Canadian Paracycling Championships took place the first weekend of July at St. Georges de Beauce.
Three trikers were there to compete in the Time Trial. The other two athletes were male and in a different category T2.  Shelley came in Second when considering only time. When the factors of Shelley being female and a Triker 1 athlete. She was at 95.9% of the standardized time. These factors placed her in first. She then won the Time Trial event.
The following day was the road race – there were 4 laps of 5.1 km for a total of 20.4 km. The difficulty of the course will be similar to the World Championship course at Baie Comeau.
Shelley came in second. There is no correction factor in this race. At the end of this week Shelley will go to Baie Comeau for a training ride.
Baie Comeau was a great learning experience for Shelley. She was able to learn the geography of the race course. Shelley had the opportunity to ride the course on two days. She also got to practice riding up and down hills. Shelley was able to increase her top speed by 20 percent. Shelley will continue to work on riding hills in Ontario. The Baie Comeau experience was terrific.
June 2010
Shelley gets to go to Spain as a member of Canada’s paracycling team. There was lots to learn from getting ready to go, being a team member, getting ready to race to going out there and racing.
Final classification occurred for Shelley. Last year at Nationals the classifiers thought that Shelley would be classified as a triker 2. Because Shelley did not race at Nationals they could not complete their assessment.  The UCI classifiers decided that Shelley is a Triker 1.
In Spain, Shelley was the only Female T1 rider. She started with the Male trikers and the one other Triker 2 female athlete who was there. Shelley kept up to the T2 female triker for a bit. The the competitors left her as they were all faster. Shelley finished the time trial and road races at 115% and 120% of her time. She did well and came in first. No medals were given or Canadian anthems were played. Shelley proudly scored 60 points for Canada which shall be used when invting Canadian athletes to the Paraolympic games.
Shelley is back home now. Her trike has been reassembled and repaired. 42 weeks of training have gone by. The Nationals are next week. Shelley will be riding in the Nationals next week. She will be there practicing on Canada Day!
March-May 2010
Wow, time flies when you are working hard! Defi Sportif was Shelley’s first race this year. She went there to practice in all types of weather. Even in the pouring rain.
The day came and Shelley blew a tire 5 minutes before the time trial. It was a back tire so her coach changed the tire with Shelley still on the bike. Shelley had a speed to beat for the Triker 2 category. It was 22.6 km/hr. Well Shelley completed it at 22.8 km /hr. That put her at 105 % of the standard.
Shelley has been placed in the Team Canada Pool. The Committee will decide if her beating the time. If she can go with Team Canada to Spain’s World Cup.
February 2010
Shelley is now in her 24 week of training. She rides and gets the job done every day!
The 2010 Paraolympics are coming soon after the Olympics. Shelley will be a torch bearer for the 2010 Paraolympic Games. Very excited, Shelley will be allowed to ride her trike to bring forth the torch. It will be in Quebec City on March 4, 2010.
Shelley made this comment about the torch race:
Hello Everyone,
I would like to comment about the privilege of carrying the Paralympic Torch and what is represented for me:

Wow, before my head injury I wanted to go to the Olympics and take care of athletes injuries as a physiotherapist. Due to my injury I can no longer work or volunteer as a physiotherapist. My goals have since changed. I now want to be the first female triker from Canada to go to the Paralympics.

By being in the Paralympic Torch relay shows that I have a goal of being part of the Olympics and Paralympics in my home country. By doing my part, I hope to help make it a great experience for everyone. Bringing my trike along shows my goal to bring the torch forward. I don’t have a hand to carry it but I have knowledge of the excellent athletic pursuits that bringing the torch forward will help to display in the games.

Excitement has been within me since I found out that I was a torch bearer. I have  physical education and physiotherapy degrees. And a new goal of making the Canadian Paracycling team. Being Paraolympic torch bearer is a dream come true.

Smiles, Shelley

January 2010
Shelley went to Quebec to see the National coach. He performed a maximal oxygen uptake test with her. There it was decided that it was time to stop getting ready to train and time to get down to seriously training.
Finding a resisted trainer for a trike was a challenge. No where in Canada did one exist. With the help of Jamie Melke from her mechanical team one was built. Shelley now puts the resisted trainer under one wheel and uses a riser block under the two other wheels. With the resisted trainer Shelley is able to pedal at 100 rpm for short periods of time. After each workout Shelley feels significantly well having accomplished it.
“It isn’t easy, but I am doing it!” says Shelley
December 2009

Training independently for 16 weeks. Shelley is feeling a lot more comfortable on her trike.  Her rpm in smaller gears is becoming higher.  She is now able to pedal with out a dead spot in her peddling stroke.

November 2009
Shelley took the  opportunity to go to Ottawa and see the Para-Cycling Coordinator from the Canadian Cycling Association. Shelley was able to learn a lot about next year’s schedule.
The new goal, Shelley has has is to make the National team. She will be the first female triker to do so. Shelley needs to ride faster. We think about 4 km.faster to make the National team. The CCA will state how fast for trikers in the coming weeks.
October 2009
Finishing up 9 weeks of independent training. The last two training days will be used to do the Time Trial and Road Race for Defi Sportif in Montreal. Shelley will be able to compare her time with the time that she rode it back in May 2009.
Wow,   Shelley has a great time in Montreal this past weekend. Went riding on the Defi Sportif (Formula One) Track. It was great! Getting faster. Going to keep training all winter. Want to continue getting faster. We will practice again before Defi Sportif 2010.
OCA 2009 (Plattsville): 10 km – Time 31:49
Defi Sportif 2009: 9.8 km – Time 31:31
This past weekend on the Formula One Track: 10 km – Time 30:25

September 2009
It has been 5 weeks of training indepently. Working hard getting ready for Ontario Provincials. The OCA has been made aware of the distance for paracyclist trike riders. A distance of 10 km will be set up for Shelley to ride her trike. As part of her time trial a stick will be at the side of the road to mark the 5km turn arounnd point. It is great that the OCA is including proper distance for her race.
“I Can’t Wait To Do This, I hope I go alot faster this year.” says Shelley…Since she is the only disabled rider in Ontario and only Ontario riders are pernitted at the provincials there will be no competition. Shelley has to race against herself but has a goal in mind. It is to race the 10 km at a speed of 20 km/hr. Five km faster than she did last year.

Shelley has a team of three people to help her complete the race. Derek Baker will make sure her trike is tuned correctly. Together with Brendan Morrisey they will make sure Shelley can turn safely at the 5 km mark. Alan Greer will accompany her and be available on the ride to fix anything.

Provincial Time Trial Championships

IPC-CP2 Results – 10 km – Average Speed 18.9 km/h

Place Bib LicNum Name Team Cat Time Gap
1 144 47288 GAUTIER, Shelley LAPDOGS CYCLING CLUB IPC 0h 31′ 49″

This is how Shelley did at the Ontario Championships on her trike. Yes Shelley is happy. Her max speed was 33.4 km/hr.

Week 7 now of training. Shelley will go investigate the new ISM Cycling Centre. She will be able to work toward her goals and train there this winter.

August 2009
Shelley got to try her trike with a new handlebar and new pedal cleats and shoes on two trainers. She has a new stool and was able to get on and train and then came off her trike today.
Was able to start training. At the last CCA training camp they suggested 10 min cycle 5 rest for 3 times. It felt great. Shelley will cycle outside tonight. She did it, all by herself!
There is a CCA training camp Thurs, Fri, Sat. that Shelley will go to. Her trainers, and everything else that is new will be coming to Bromont. We have used all of the suggestions that they gave last training camp. The coach will hopefully fix anything that is wrong.
It is really fortunate to be invited to pre-national team training camps. There for my second camp it was obvious that we both learned allot. The effects of Botox were much less and allowed me to show more of my true self.
After the coaches saw Shelley for the first time they did not know how to react. Seeing Shelley the second time when Shewas able to bring my heart rate to 142 beats/min. was very good. Shelley was able to complete training tasks and she was able to have fun competing in a time trial race at the Coupe de Quebec, provincial championships.
On Shelley’s first day, she  wore the cleat her orthotic professional recommended for her right shoe. The coaches thought it looked somewhat better but saw that my hip still was hiking. They thought that in a few months I would have back trouble. She was only able to get her heart rate up to 91 beats/min. Her heart rate could not reach a level that would be considered training.
Shelley was wearing her thinner old brace with her new mountain bike shoes. The coaches asked to modify this brace. Knowing that something needed to be done, but Shelley did not knowing what she consented to.
Now it can only be worn for biking as it puts my foot in some plantar flexion. The coach said to try to bring my heart rate to a training level of 125 beats/min. I was able to bring my heart rate to 142 beats/min. That is the highest Shelley has gotten it after her accident. With the changes that have been made to her brace she  can now get to heart rate levels never before possible.
Thrilled, the brace likely need a little work. The work has been done and it is now more comfortable. Shelley wore the brace for her workout today and got her heart rate up to 149/
Shelley only has about six weeks before the next training camp where they would like to take her max oxygen uptake. Shelley needs to show them that she is capable of training. The head coach wants a weekly report and is willing to guide Shelley.
July 2009
Went to the National Cycling Championships in Quebec to get classified. Before a rating is given one must race twice. Until this happens Shelley is given a temporary rating. The Raters gave her a Cerebral Palsy division 2 classification. Next year the UCI will change the wording of classification categories. Using the words Brain Inujured it will be more appropriate for Shelley.
It is now the end of July and Shelley has been waiting patiently 2 months for her indoor trainers.The company has them on back order. We will have to try another company.
Shelley has worked with her orthtist to put a new cleat on her bike shoe.Moving the cleat back closer to her heel helps to make the dead zone smaller. She has been invited to the last development National Team training camp for this season.

June 2009

We have set up getting riders for Shelley to train. June will be a training month. National Championships will be in the first week of July. Shelley will be categorized there.
There is a pre-national championship training camp. Shelley will go there for the last three days at Bromont Quebec. It was neat to see the Velodome but for trike riders it was not possible. The National coach was able to spend a lot of time with Shelley. He made Shelley realize she does lots of touring on her trike. Now it is time to train. He set her up at a training station indoors. It was good because of her head injury. Having fewer things to worry about, like traffic, is good for her. The coach placed her back trike wheels on two flat trainers. The front wheel was stabilized.

Now able to watch Shelley. The coach sat and watched Shelley. He noticed because of her brace that one leg is longer than the other. A dead spot is present when she is pedaling with her right leg. The orthotist and mechanical team are currently trying to figure out what to do. A new brace may not be an option. Perhaps a different length crank arm or a block placed on the pedal to make her leg longer.This will be done after Shelley returns from Canadian Cycling Championships.

The Canadian cycling road championships begin July 1. Shelley will go there for Categorization. To find out of she is a CP1 or CP2 athlete. Shelley needs to train so she wont be racing at Nationals this year.

May  2009

Went to Defi Sportif and Trike raced. I came in first for the first Road Race . Second for the Time Trial and Second for the second Road Race. No categorization to find out what group of riders I should be in was done. There was no time given to me being a female competing against males. No credit was given to me for having a UCI legal trike.

The Quebec Cup race was a learning experience.  I was able to do all of the hills except the last one. My right leg gave out and could not pedal at such a steep angle. I have learned that I need more hours on my race trike. My goal is to do lots of riding in June to prepare for the Canadian Championships in the beginning of July.

The next event I will be in will be the opening parade at the Toronto Bike Criterium. We hopefully will feature all the good things about UCI Trike Riding. Show everyone the first UCI Trike built in Ontario and the first rider from Ontario.

The Criterium was a great experience. Refer to the page about it.  The Toronto Star also helped people learn about Trike Racing. We made many people in Ontario aware of triking.

April 2009

Jamie Meikle, President George A. Wright & Son Ltd has done a fabulous job. He has coordinated the production of the first UCI Regulated Trike in Ontario. His production centre malted the frame and trike conversion kit together. Derek Baker coordinated getting parts from various stores and sources.  Jamie is busy installing the parts and is busy measuring the bike to make sure it conforms to UCI 2009 Standards.

The Race Trike will be ready to take to Race in Montreal May 1,2,3 at Defi Sportif. Shelley has been working hard on her fitness. Feeling stronger and happier she is ready to race. It will be the first time in eight years she has entered a race outside of Ontario. Shelley has the per-race jitters.

March 2009

This month we had a trike conversion kit freshly imported from Longstaff in the UK .  We had help to secure a new Cervelo Team Soloist Frame. The two pieces will be malted together. We still need parts to finish this project. Hopefully the bike stores we have approached and the LapDogs  will be able to help us out.

Shelley now has a new triking coach from Milton, Ian McLean. He runs the company IMFit

February 2009

February 5, 2009 a Trike conversion kit was ordered from Longstaff Cycle in London England. We are waiting for its delivery on February 27. In the meantime I went to Dukes Cycle shop and the fitted me on a Cervelo bike frame. Time to set up a meeting to figure out what happens next in Trike building. The Mechanical team is more familiar with those items than I am.

After a month long beurocratic battle Shelley with the fantastic help of many different team members she now has the UCI racing license. It was not easy but Shelley used her creativity to make what she never ever thought would ever happen again truly happen. Shelley is a trike rider and is part of the cycling community. She can now race and be a respected competor.

Shelley is now a respected competor with a UCI race liscence. Now all that is needed is a race trike. Next months project!

January 2009

Echoed across my mind was the question where am I going to get a race trike.. Together with the mechanical team we started investigating. Trying to figure out where we could buy a light weight trike was a challenge. Was there a full trike or a conversion kit available? It was a time of research. Our goal is to have a trike by April 1, 2009.

December 2008

We took the tandem bike to Key West Florida for a week and a half. Rode the bike all over town. It was a nice way to see everything and still be exercising. We toured places where cars were not allowed. Magnificent views I was able to see with a bike.

November and December 2008

Was riding outdoors until November 20. On November 20 I rode home from University of Toronto in the snow. For the rest of November and December I followed my offseason fitness program. I still rode a bike on an indoor trainer. I got to watch reruns of ER.

October 2008

Reviewed off season fitness program and still tried to ride. Riding in the warmest part of the day I seemed to run into Lapdogs. That was nice, seeing people that I knew on the bike trail.

September 2008

We took the tandem bicycle to the Prince Edward County Marathon. I was permitted to enter as a wheeled athlete. I never thought I would be permitted in a marathon so winning my category was really nice.

The provincial time trials were next on my list. The OCA allowed me to enter. The race was in the community of Platteville which is not far off from Kitchener. I was permitted to have a safety rider. I was permitted to pre-ride the race on Saturday. That really made me feel like a racer once again. Then I registered for the race and bought a one day race license.

The curve in the road was steep. It went to the left and was steep down to the middle of the road. I had to ride on the high side of the pavement and had to steer right. If I went left I would have gotten into the incline, perhaps on one wheel. It would have been dangerous.

The race course setters are not aware of how to make the race course for trike riders. They are not aware of how trikes are set up and how they ride. Oh well…

On Sunday September 14, I was the first rider to start. The younger kids were next and they just flew by me. I had a rider for safety purposes so we rode as a team. Having pre-rode the course yesterday I had an idea of what was to come.

The wind was in my face going to the turn around mark. I had the wind on my back when I returned. It made going up hills easy. I rode an average of 15.1 km/hr. At 10 km the normal time trial distance – 44 min. At 15 km the time trial distance for all other categories I completed it in 59 min,

It was tricky riding around on the twisty road near the end. We decided that I would stay up near the white line painted on the road and follow it. That made riding around the curve much easier.

It felt good to finish the race. I was given a medal. Great to be included in a race sanctioned by the OCA

August 2008

With the untiring help of the Duke’s Cycle team the trike was finally ready. On a cold windy, rainy afternoon I reached a top speed of 22 km/hr. I was able to ride faster than previously and was able to do sprints. I returned to hopes of true bike racing.

The bike was taken to Toronto Island and I rode it around. It was difficult to ride it up a hill. I am still learning how to ride a non recumbent trike. Then I started riding the race trike at Leslie Street spit.

Chico, who I know from Mountain biking, lent me a tandem bicycle. It allowed me to keep up on rides with the Lapdogs Cycling club. It really helped me feel a member of the cycling club I now belonged to.

Calgary was the next place I went for a trike training camp. It was really beneficial in a number of ways. I was able to learn quite allot about riding my trike. Learned how to race effectively in a time trial I also learned what to do and what I can not do. For 10 km I rode 17.1 km/hr. in 35.27 min. Excellent for only having ridden the race trike for two weeks. I will need to get fitter and faster. The Ex-Paraolympic coach felt that I had the determination and capability to go to the London Paraolympic games.

July 2008

The loaner racing trike needed a lot of work before I was able to ride it. The first time I rode it the rear wheels shook so much I almost fell off. The rear axel had to be removed and machined, the brakes adjusted, the gears repaired, the seat and handlebar height adjusted to suit my body frame and height.

May and June 2008

Wanting to participate in official Canadian trike racing I called the Ontario Cycling Association to ask about trike racing. They knew nothing. Had the name and number of the Paralympic Cycling Coach for the Athens games. He was no longer the coach but was very helpful.

I learned of Road Nationals in St. Georges de Beauce Qc. It was on June 27-29, 2008. There I met a trike athlete. We switched shoes and trikes to ride around. I was comfortable on an UCI Trike.

It was great to be in a bike racing environment once again. After having a head injury I never thought that would ever be possible again. After asking the Quebec Federation for the loan of an UCI trike, they said yes come pick it up at Olympic Stadium.

After picking the trike up I brought it home to Toronto. Took time to think about triking and what races I wanted to go in realizing that I need help. Talked to my cycling friends and began to build a team. One that could help me realize all my hopes and dreams.

Shelley went and was able to learn allot. Both the National Team Paracycling Coach and his assistant spent quite a bit of time with her. From trycycle set up to training routines it was learned. It seemed that trike racing is new to everyone.

For Canada’s  paracycling Coach who has delt with the differences of able-bodied and disabled cyclists. Shelley a triker presented interesting challenges.

The coach was able to problem solve and take Shelley from touring on her trike to training on her trike.  He also made sitting on her trike much more comfortable. Her reaised her seat and handlebar 4 inches.

The Coach watched Shelley pedalling. He noticed that with Shelley’s current leg brace one leg is longer than the other. While pedalling, there is a dead zone where she has to stop pedalling not to fall off the seat. Hopefully something can be done. There is now alot for the medical and mechanical teams to do.

Defi Sportif 2009 -Road Race: 3 laps, 13.2 km – 49:36 min.

Last weekend’s – Circuit: 1 hr 30 min;18.65 km/hr, HR 125-158 6 laps

-22.4 km

Shelley feels good to be able to achieve such numbers. Hard work is rewarded! Thanx Everyone!

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    Would like to thank Pat McKee for getting someone to help Shelley put together this Blog. Thank you Kelly Chan (currently studying Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto) for helping to put together this Blog.

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