Defi Sportif Paracycling – Montreal

Over 3,000 athletes from the four corners of the world will have but one destination: the Défi sportif, which will play out from April 29 to May 3, in Montréal.

Along with wheelchair fencing, paracycling, boccia and wheelchair rugby are the other sports in the international section. Shelley is excited as she thought going to an international bike race would be impossible with a disability. It is what hard work brings you!

There will be three races. A road race, a time trial, and a second road race over a period of three days. The distances are as follows:




Gilles-Villeneuve (Route)

4.4 km per lap

Gilles-Villeneuve (CLM)

4.4 km per lap

Gilles-Villeneuve (route)

4.4 km per lap

CP 1 and 2 (tricycle)








13.2 km (3 laps)








8.8 km (2 laps)








13.2 km (3 laps)












Shelley will be competing against men. There are no women to compete against.  Yes Shelley is a little nervous.  Never having ridden the race course,  or a road race. Shelley has only raced mountain bikes before. She has never raced as the only female. Who knows how fast the men ride. Shelley has her race strategy. Let us hope that it will carry her in the races.

Shelley Gautier rides to a podium in preparation for 2012 ParaOlympics at the Defi Sportif Paracycling event in Montreal.
We are very pleased to announce that our very own “Trike Racer” Shelley Gautier, did her first set of races this past weekend on her new race trike. Her team has spent the last few months help to build and prepare this special race bike designed to help her qualify for the 2012 Paraolympics in London
Here are her results from this series of races:

Paracycling CP 1-2
Race 1; road race 13.2 km = 49.45 min
Came in 1st, won race by 32 seconds
Race 2; time trial 8.8 km = 31.37 min
Came in 2nd, lost race by 33 seconds
Race 3; road race 13.2 km = 2 hrs 9 min 50 sec
Came in 2nd, lost race by 3:11


One response to “Defi Sportif Paracycling – Montreal

    I’ve been thinking about taking up a little cycling and I took my bike out last weekend, but I am so out of shape! I am really excited to find your blog. I’ll be cheering you on. You will be inspiring me.

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