Season 2011: Spring Training Camp

Cuba 23/03-04/04
Spring Training Camp

Flew from Toronto Island Airport to Montreal. At the airport I met Eric my coach. He
brought my trike and helped me to check in my luggage. He will get to Cuba on Tuesday. I
then waited there for the team.

We arrived in Cuba late Sunday evening.

Monday morning the team built their own bikes and went for a ride. When the team
returned, they tried to build my trike but they were not successful. I then had to wait
for Eric to arrive. I will ask for his help.

I enjoyed today as I knew the hard work on my part will come. The transition to outdoor
riding will be good. Tuesday, Eric put my bike together and we went with three members of
the team for a training ride.

We went for 2.5 hours, the wind was on our backs going out and in our face coming back.
Riding back was hard. I have to learn how to be more consistent and how to use my
strength and endurance that I have developed this winter.

Wednesday – Saw the nutritionist. She weighed me and measured my body fat. We established
how much I should weigh for pre competition and competition.

Went riding with my coach and a few athletes from my team. We rode 22 km, then I was able
to ride slowly back.

Thursday – rode with another coach from British Columbia. We rode for an hour. My
consistency is improving.

Friday – day off (repose)

Saturday – Rode with the team in the morning. We did a warm up ride, sprints, a ride,
cool down. I was able to do 5 x38.6 seconds. It felt great to do the same training
activities the team was doing.

Sunday – Will do an endurance ride today around 3:30. The other day it was 39 degrees
celcius when I rode in the afternoon. Rode well today. Went for two hours and fifteen
minutes. Felt very good accomplishing it.

Monday – day off ( repose)

We went to a Cuban restaurant for dinner.

Tuesday – Was able to ride with the team in the morning. Did a good warm up a I rode to
the hill. At the hill the course was there with markers showing when to move to a harder
gear. I rode the distance trying to go faster up the hill. I was able to do it 5 times
with a max speed of 25.6 km/ hr.

I was much better able to focus on my ride. I felt relaxed and was able to talk to
myself. I have learned to shift one gear each time I change the speed by 2km. I was able
to push hard on my pedals on the way back to the hotel.

At the evening meeting we said hello to the athletes who have just arrived. Mike, the
Ontario cycling coach also arrived. He is here to learn about Paracycling. I showed him
my trike. He will spend the morning learning about tandem and hand cycling. He will spend
some time with me leaning about triking in the afternoon.

We have now added a coach from British Columbia and Ontairio to the coach from Alberta.
That will help get Paracycling known across the country.

Wednesday – Went out riding at 4:00. It was a little cooler than riding at mid day. We
rode for an hour and forty- five minutes. It was windy and I rode for an average of 19
km/ hr. I came back and went in the pool to help my recovery. I then had dinner and went
to the team meeting.

Thursday – off ( repose) Spent some time in the pool to aid in my recovery.

Friday –  Went riding in the morning. It was much cooler than riding in the afternoon. I
rode with my coach. We rode 13 km out and then we rode a 10 km time trial back. I was
able to stay focused on my ride. I went an average of 22.6 km for the time trial and 19.6
for the whole ride. I got feedback from my coach. Tomorrow I will try not to rest when I
can pedal faster. I am learning how to shift gears and pedal better.

Saturday – Will ride today at 4:00. Will try to improve my riding by using everything
that I have learned at this Spring Training Camp. I was able to very much, stay focused.
I went for 40 minutes at an average of 24.6 km/ hr. When I arrived back at the hotel
having done 20.4pm/hr. The ride was very good!

Sunday – Off (repose) Flew to Montreal

Monday – Off (repose) Flew to Toronto

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