2012 Training Camp and Getting Ready for the Season

Flew to Jacksonville from Toronto. There I joined with Team Canada. We then drove to Gainsville. It was evening when we arrived, we checked in to the hotel and then went to dinner. The next dat, it was time to put my new trike together. It was way easier than my old trike was last year.

Got out on my trike today with Coach Sebastien. It was a transitional day as I had a bunch of new things to try. The new electronic shifting was one thing. I have tried it twice at home and made lots of errors. Five of us went to get a feel of riding around Florida. I did well having removed my granny gear before I left Toronto. I had to remenber to down shift at traffic lights.

The wind was on my back going out and in my face coming back. My GPS, odometer had not been installed yet. It was really hard coming back. I was really excited about my new trike and initally wanted to ride it fast because I could. Doing so got me tired. Tomorrow I will try to be initally slower.

I didn’t know what shifting button does what during the ride. After the ride one of the Coaches put coloured stars on my shifting levers. Red and green stars to help me know which gear to press when I want to go faster and when I want to go slower. That really helped me the next day. It felt better not having to think about what button and the size of the gears. Having a colour to identify things worked much better.

The following day I tried my now starred shifters. That helped allot. Now I have to remember to look at the stars to shift gears correctly. The ride was good. We rode for an hour and a half then the rest of the group went riding for another hour.

Saw the nutritionist today. She weighed me and reviewed diet. From the time we did this last year, I have lost 30 pounds. We then went to the grocery store.

Today, I went with Marie-Eve to go meet Coach Eric. After an hour ride we found him. He had me ride a 10 km time trial. I completed it and rode back to the hotel. I rode for three hours and was a bit sore. The next two days I took off.

We had a Paralympic meeting. The take home messge for me was to ride hard, go as fast as possible. I will do my best!

Back in the saddle again, I was busy working on keeping track of my rpm. I was able to get up to a certain level and keep it up there for the ride. I was putting hard work in and seeing the rewards when I rode another time trial with Coach Eric..

Have been back in Toronto Canada for about three weeks now. Been busy training both indoors and outdoors in cold weather and rain. I am hoping the first competition is warmer than what we have had lately. I am much stronger than last year and very determined to do better. With a new Trike sponsored by Marinoni, Shimano, Garmin, Giro and Sweet Petes I hope to do well. We shall see.

Thank you to every one who has helped me get ready for this season. I will try keeping this blog up to date but this summer I will be busy training, racing and keeping my Trike right.

One response to “2012 Training Camp and Getting Ready for the Season

  1. John Rowland

    Sounds like the new bike is working out well for you Shelley.Keep up the training and I’m sure you will come out on top, once again. Look out London!!!

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