To the Friends of the Shelley Team

Lots of activity has happened since I returned home from the London Paralympics. I visited Wales, renovated my condo and took a month off from training. I started back training indoors. Went to Florida to train at Christmas. At the beginning of this year I got a Lemond Trainer. It allows me to work on sprints, basic endurance and muscular endurance. To this date I have been training five days a week and teaching one or two days a week at U of T. It is very important to be an elite who is into her sport and to also be one who helps out other people. I am grateful for the help I receive, and I have found ways to use my knowledge and skills to also help others.

To bring everyone up to date: My Triking season starts April 13 with a trip to Greenville South Carolina.Our Paracycling team will have a training camp followed by Time Trial and a Road Race which will be on next year’s World Championship Course. Then I fly back April 21 and head to Montreal for Defi Sport the last few days of April.

Now the Road to London will be continuing on to Rio for the next Paralympics. We will continue on the Road to Rio! Thank You Very Much for Supporting Me, Shelley

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