Diamond Jubilee

Shelley is proud to receive a Diamond Jubilee Medal with the Canadian Paralympic Team.  The date for Shelley’s Diamond Jubilee presentation has been confirmed:

July 3 from 1300 – 1400 at 500 University Ave., Toronto (Room 140)

The Minister of Sport will be presenting the award to her for racing her trike at the 2012 London Paralympics. We are very proud of this accomplishment that Shelley has achieved.  Congratulations to Shelley!

2 responses to “Diamond Jubilee

  1. Heather Donaldson

    Oh, Shelley – how awesome is this! Yet another feather in your cap. Way to go – and so wonderful to hear about Spain, as well.

  2. Sheri and Joe Babey

    SHELLEY, we are friends of your mom and have experienced yor journey through her. What a remarkable young woman you are with ambition, courage and the talent to be recognized this way. Thank you for being such an inspiring example to all of us.
    Best wishes on your future quests.
    Sheri and Joe

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