Bromont Cycling Training Trip Summary

Going to Bromont was great. I am able to focus at the National Center for cyclists. Everyone there is trying to achieve something related to cycling at various levels. What is difficult about going to Bromont is managing to live in a different culture. Amongst people who speak a different language. It did not work for me to learn French as a child. It is more difficult for me as an adult. Being here with no car or public transit getting to the community is difficult but it keeps me focused. Can only do it for short periods.

Learning has been a lot of what I have been doing here. I have been sweating a lot and making notes on what to remember. I have been doing two workouts a day. One on my trike with a coach and the second one in the gym. I have balance and mobility instructions from my Gym Trainer/instructor to work on balance and my abdominal muscles.

Have worked on riding, made lists of things not to forget when riding, training, training camp and races. Balance and coordination and thought intensely about being the fastest T1 female in the world. Time now to head back home. I have a new perspective. Time now is to write new goals with the objective of achieving them. Yes my ultimate goal is to remain world champion. The little goals I have set will add up.Right now I have time to work on my goals. Take all learned in Bromont and focus with it. Use the knowledge in training sessions and whenever I think of cycling.

World Cup #3 is next week in Matan QC. The World Championships are the following week in Baie Comeau QC. Yes, I am ready to go there and do well.

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