Canada takes four medals at Para-Cycling World Cup

Canada breaks the ice with one gold, two silver and one bronze medals

(Matane, QC – August 23, 2013) Four Canadian para-cyclists stormed the podium today in the second day of time trials at the 2013 UCI World Cup Finals in Matane, QC.

Shelley Gautier of Toronto, ON rolled to the top of the podium in the T1 class, grabbing the first place with a time of 19:12.27, clearly outclassing her competitor with a gap of 2:15.

Marie-Claude Molnar of Ste-Adèle, QC took the second place in the women’s c4 class, crossing the line just under 12 seconds behind the winning time of 24:32. Her teammateMarie-Eve Croteau of Québec, QC also took the silver medal, despite started her training very late in the summer after being forced to rest for 10 months.

“It’s been about five weeks since I started training,” said Croteau to Sportcom. “At first, just to be in this competition, it was a lot for me, but with as the training session progressed lately, I felt that I would be close to the podium. There was that moment where everything just opened up.”

“Today (Friday), I have not pushed my body to its limit to make sure I’d get a result,” she added. “I made a few mistakes and I’m aware of them. I would still have finished second, but maybe 20 seconds closer to Cooke. The important thing is my return to health, and a new confidence boost.”

Nicole Clermont of Sherbrooke, QC earned her career first World Cup podium, taking the bronze medal with a time of 24:34.75, less than three seconds from the second place.

In the tandem races, Daniel Chalifour and pilot Alexandre Cloutier rode to the fifth place, less than one second from the bronze medal.

The event continues with the first wave of road races on Saturday, and one final day of competition on Sunday before cross the St-Lawrence River for the 2013 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championships.

Men C1
1. TEUBER, Michael MC1 (GERMANY) 24:24.89
2. MENDEZ, Juan Jose MC1 (SPAIN) 24:49.28 +24.39
3. WINKLER, Erich MC1 (GERMANY) 24:53.19 +28.30
7. MILLEY, Jaye MC1 (CANADA) 25:53.87 +1:28.98

Men C2
1. KEITH, Aaron MC2 (USA) 23:08.88
2. LYNCH, Colin MC2 (IRELAND) 23:29.01 +20.13
3. GILMUTDINOV, Arslan MC2 (RUSSIA) 23:43.20 +34.32
12. BOLDT, Arnold MC2 (CANADA) 25:56.57 +2:47.69

Men C4
1. JEZEK, Jiri MC4 (CZECH REPUBLIC) 32:27.34
2. MARTIN, Jeffrey Scott MC4 (USA) 32:40.36 +13.02
3. ALCAIDE GARCIA, Roberto MC4 (SPAIN) 32:51.00 +23.66
15. BOUCHARD, Sebastien MC4 (CANADA) 37:03.76 +4:36.42

Men T2
1. STONE, David MT2 (GREAT BRITAIN) 13:30.59
2. FARRONI, Giorgio MT2 (ITALY) 13:55.46 +24.87
3. PEACE, Steven MT2 (USA) 13:57.87 +27.28
7. CORRIVEAU JOLIN, Louis-Albert MT2 (CANADA) 14:49.74 +1:19.15

Men Tandem
1. PIZZI, Ivano/ PIZZI, Lucca MB (ITALY) 29:40.96
2. AVILA RODRIGUEZ, Ignacio/ FONT BERTOLI, Joan MB (SPAIN) 30:26.02 +45.06
3. VENGE BALBOA, Christian/ LLAURADO CALDERO, David MB (SPAIN) 30:28.76 +47.80
5. CHALIFOUR, Daniel/ CLOUTIER, Alexandre MB (CANADA) 30:29.69 +48.73
13. CARRIER, Alexandre/ LAFLAMME, Aroussen MB (CANADA) 32:02.75 +2:21.79
18. CROTEAU-DAIGLE, Mathieu/ DIONNE, Luc MB (CAN-INDEPENDANT) 33:21.94 +3:40.98

Women C4
1. POWELL, Susan WC4 (AUSTRALIA) 24:33.22
2. MOLNAR, Marie-Claude WC4 (CANADA) 24:45.20 +11.98
3. FISHER, Megan WC4 (USA) 24:46.89 +13.67

Women C5
1. NEIMANAS, Greta WC5 (USA) 23:38.12
2. HEINRICH, Samantha WC5 (USA) 24:31.19 +53.07
3. CLERMONT, Nicole WC5 (CANADA) 24:34.75 +56.63

Women T1
1. GAUTIER, Shelley WT1 (CANADA) 19:12.27
2. WOOLFORD, Bianca WT1 (AUSTRALIA) 21:27.19 +2:14.92

Women T2
1. COOKE, Carol WT2 (AUSTRALIA) 14:14.48
2. CROTEAU, Marie-Eve WT2 (CANADA) 15:21.74 +1:07.26
3. MAJUNKE, Jana WT2 (GERMANY) 16:29.05 +2:14.57

Women Tandem
1. TURNHAM, Lora/ HALL, Corrine WB (GREAT BRITAIN) 33:15.15
2. GRAY, Phillipa/ FAIRWEATHER, Laura WB (NEW ZEALAND) 34:10.95 +55.80
3. DUNLEVY, Katie-George/ GUIHEN, Fiona WB (IRELAND) 34:12.80 +57.65
14. BOIVERT, Melissa/ ST-LAURENT, Katy WB (CAN-INDEPENDENT) 40:56.15 +7:41.00

Shelley after her time trial event

Shelley after her time trial event

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