Shelley Gautier defends world title; Croteau silver at Para-cycling World Championships

Two Canadian women show poise in winning medals for Canada as Para-Cycling World Championships start in Baie-Comeau, QC

(Baie-Comeau, QC – August 29, 2013) Canada opened the 2013 Para-Cycling Road World Championships with two medals in this first day of time trials, with Shelley Gautierof Toronto, ON establishing herself as the World’s best T1 racer and Marie-Ève Croteau of Québec, QC taking the silver medal as she continues her come-back to racing after spending more than ten months off the bike following an injury.

Gautier earned the coveted rainbow jersey award to the World Champion in the T1 time trial race, completing the course with a time of 22:43. In doing so, Gautier successfully defended her title won last year at these same World Championships.

In the T2 time trial race, the reigning World Champion Marie-Ève Croteau finished second in the race, a solid result for her as she has been off her training plan following an injury that forced her to the sideline for over ten months as she recovered. Croteau tackled the difficult course and posted a time of 17:39 for the silver medal.

In the men’s H2 race, Charles Moreau of Trois-Rivières, QC posted his career best international result in his time trial with a sixth place, showing exceptional progress in his first year on the Canadian high performance team. Mark Beggs of Montreal, QC came in eleventh.

Louis-Albert Corriveau-Jolin of Ste-Claire, QC came seventh of the men’s T2 race.

Veteran para-cyclist Robert Labbé of Québec, QC rolled to the tenth position of the men’s H1 race.

Mark Ledo of Maple, ON did not finish the H3 race as he crashed in a turn. Ledo did not suffer major injuries and is expected to be on the start line for the road race.

The event continues Friday with the last set of time trial races. The mass-start road races will be featured on Saturday and Sunday in Baie-Comeau, which also hosted the same event in 2010.

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Women T1
1. GAUTIER, Shelley WT1 (CANADA) 22:43.60
2. WOOLFORD, Bianca WT1 (AUSTRALIA) 24:49.80 +2:06.20

Women T2
1. COOKE, Carol WT2 (AUSTRALIA) 16:30.15
2. CROTEAU, Marie-Eve WT2 (CANADA) 17:39.19 +1:09.04
3. MAJUNKE, Jana WT2 (GERMANY) 19:04.90 +2:34.75

Men H1
1. MAZZONE, Luca MH1 (ITALY) 34:45.26
2. ROHAN, Mark MH1 (IRELAND) 35:55.49 +1:10.23
3. GROULX, William MH1 (USA) 36:34.43 +1:49.17
10. LABBE, Robert MH1 (CANADA) 40:40.92 +5:55.66

Men H2
1. PODESTA, Vittorio MH2 (ITALY) 28:41.55
2. FREI, Heinz MH2 (SWITZERLAND) 29:02.30 +20.75
3. ABLINGER, Walter MH2 (AUSTRIA) 29:09.76 +28.21
6. MOREAU, Charles MH2 (CANADA) 31:36.46 +2:54.91
11. BEGGS, Mark MH2 (CANADA) 32:17.87 +3:36.32

Men H3
1. WILK, Rafal MH3 (POLAND) 28:05.02
2. MERKLEIN, Vico MH3 (GERMANY) 28:41.50 +36.48
3. BARLEY, Nigel MH3 (AUSTRALIA) 29:05.88 +1:00.86

Men T2
1. DURST, Hans-Peter MT2 (GERMANY) 14:53.58
2. STONE, David MT2 (GREAT BRITAIN) 15:04.23 +10.65
3. AYALA AYALA, Nestor MT2 (COLOMBIA) 15:59.24 +1:05.66
7. CORRIVEAU JOLIN, Louis-Albert MT2 (CANADA) 16:39.22 +1:45.64

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