Arizona Training Camp 2014

Have already spent a week here in Flagstaff Arizona. Went to the Grand Canyon and I am busy just enjoying riding. We have a great team of staff here with the athletes. I am able to stay focused and perform the rides to the best of my abilities.

I am now able to ride with a few of my teammates for part of the ride as I am now faster. It feels good to be included in part of the ride. It is nice to ride with other teammates.

Now I am working on and learning to select the correct gear and working on riding with increased cadence. Increasing cadence makes riding easier.

Proud to be here. I am learning how to ride faster and better at altitude. Work done at training camp and this past winter in Florida will get me ready for the 2014 Season, starting in May. I am in good shape and it is still winter. Working hard will show results this summer.

I am ready to ride. Shelley

One response to “Arizona Training Camp 2014

  1. it was rare treat to spend the 4 hours or so with you on the plane home from Arizona….you are an inspiration. ….Phil and Sharon Mitchell

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