Gauthier – Golden Girl

In Women’s racing, Canada’s Shelley Gauthier earned her second World Championship title of the week. After having earned a gold medal and the title in Thursday’s time trial, the T1 athlete earned another gold and title in the road race, finishing the 21 kilometre race in 57 minutes 6 seconds; ahead of Russia’s Yulia Sibagatova by 3 minutes and 57 seconds. Svetlana Perova, also representing Russia, crossed the line 13 minutes 16 seconds later for the bronze medal win.

“I had a perfect time trial but today I made a few mistakes. But it was OK in the end!” commented Gauthier.

Though she largely dominated the event, Gauthier took nothing for granted, “It’s always hard. I worked really hard this year, and if I hadn’t I definitely wouldn’t be here. The competition is getting tougher and tougher and I just had to do what I had to do.”

Britain’s Sarah Storey was also crowned champion for a second time this week. World Champion in the C5 Class, Storey crossed the line with a comfortable advance of 8 minutes 24 seconds over Poland’s Anna Harkowska.

Jamie Whitmore Cardenas continued to dominate in the C3 Category. The American is the 2014 World Champion and winner of Thursday’s time trial, and today bettered Germany’s Denise Schindler (1 minute 7 seconds), as well as Australia’s Simone Kennedy (8 minutes 24 seconds).

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