Gautier dominates, Clermont claims third in World Cup standings in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

The 2015 UCI para-cycling world cup finals are underway in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, with the first event of competition being the time trial — the last of the 2015 season for Canadian paracyclists. And with Shelley Gautier continuing the leading edge that brought her to South Africa to begin with, it’s not exactly surprising that the Toronto-bred rider took the time trial’s top podium spot, dominating the event with a strong, satisfying victory.

Gautier's impressive time trial victory was the fitting result of an even more impressive season -- and competition in South Africa is just getting started. (Image: Cycling Canada)


For Gautier, her win came thanks to a four-minute lead over Yulia Sibagatova of Russia, her closest competitor, as well as her rival at multiple competitions throughout this season. Sibagatova’s performance, however, was strong enough to cement her a place at the top of the standings, taking the white jersey with an impressive overall points tally. With a leading position in World Cup standing before the event, the points Sibagatoba racked up were more than enough to take boast the leader’s jersey after the time trial concluded.

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