Update from Shelley

Motivation is the start of change……not the end.

Now that the training I have done has made winning at the Para-Olympics a realistic goal. I have a Team and am going out to achieve it. I have realized what I want and am doing something that has never been done before by a T1 Female Canadian. I understand that I need to find help for existing and new ideas. People know a lot about some things and can have great ideas. Listen and learn. They may even provide more help to further achieve my goal.

Thank You, Team Shelley Gautier for assisting me to make changes. You are helping me work towards winning a Para-Olympic medal. Let it be our goal.

I go to Europe to train hard and to compete at the Belgium Para-cycling World Cup. Another stop on the Road to Rio. Staying focused is very important, and a task that I must do. I realize every team member has a role in an area that they are good at. I don’t expect them to help in other areas.

Never could I do this alone. The Big Goal Can Be Reached. Success is attainable!

The Road to Rio has been a rewarding experience. Thanks for travelling it with me.

Smiles, Shelley

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