Cologne Classic

Cologne Classic road race today for almost the entire team. Another successful day.

In the tricycle men road race Louis-Albert Jolin challenged the world champion in the sprint finish to take silver.

Shelley Gautier took bronze on the women tricycle T1-2 road race. Marie-Eve Croteau DNF cause of the cold conditions.

In the women C4-5 Nicole Clermont takes the 4th rank ahead of her teammate Marie-Claude Molnar.

Tristen Chernove  won in a solo breakaway the C1-2 road race.

Shawna Ryan & Joanie Caron won in a solo breakaway, Robbi Weldon & Audrey Lemieux won the pack sprint for silver.
Finally Daniel Chalifour & Jean-Michel Lachance took silver in a sprint finish in the men tandem race. Alexandre Carrier sick could not take the start but should be 100% shortly.  (pilot: Aroussen Laflamme)

Solid racing day on a short course and changing weather conditions for the entire team.IMG_0235

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