New Race Trike

2012 Trike with Marinoni Owners                        January 14, 2012: Marinoni Trike Update

Un Grande Merci a Marinoni. They have produced the company’s first trike for Shelley (me). It will be an honour to ride it.

April 20, 2009:  UCI Trike Update

Thank you for all the help with getting my trike together and getting me organized! I have been busy training to get in shape so everybody’s help is greatly appreciated.

Our Mechanical Team and George A Wright and Son Ltd is working hard to get my trike ready for Montreal’s Defi Sportif. It will be the first international bike race that I have ever entered and raced in.

Attached are two pictures of the Legal UCI Trike. It is the first one built in Ontario. Pictures are of a the trike which is a work in progress.

When finished. I will practice riding it. It is time to get feeling comfortable on a new trike before I race it in two weeks. Being the first rider from Ontario, I am getting excited. Jamie Meikle, President George A. Wright & Son Ltd has done a fabulous job building my trike.  He has coordinated the production of the first UCI Regulated Trike in Ontario.

Thanks! Shelley



* Pictures Have Been Updated as of: April 20, 2009 *




Trike Conversion Kit

Trike Conversion Kit

2 responses to “New Race Trike

  1. Hello-
    My name is Chris Ray. I’m a cyclist and have Cerebral Palsy. i currently ride a 2 wheel bike. It has been suggested to me that I purchase a trike. My plan is to buy a road bike and have it converted to a trike. Where can I get a trike conversion kit?

    Thank you,

  2. Melanie Denoon

    This is so exciting !

    I have been searching for someone to make a racing trike for my daughter for years !

    Please let me know how I can make this dream a reality !!


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