Para Pan American Games 2011

Shelley loves cycling and she loves racing. Her competitive spirit and determination have always been her driving forces. Shelley participated in many team sports and then she discovered mountain bike racing. She loved the challenges of mountain bike racing, the setting of personal goals and ultimately achieving them. In 2001, Shelley was in a mountain biking accident and suffered a severe head injury, leaving her in a coma for six weeks. Her recovery and rehabilitation were arduous, but Shelley persevered and now lives an independent life as a hemiplegic (a paralysis on one side of the body). Her training as a physiotherapist helped her understand the importance of being physically active and she has applied this knowledge and experience throughout her own recovery. Shelley started competing at an elite level in 2010 and now rides a trike that is adapted for her body. Competing at World Cups and World Championships as a newcomer to Paralympic sport has been an amazing experience for Shelley. Her biggest accomplishment in sport was when she became the T1 female world champion at the UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships in September 2011. Moving forward for Guadalajara 2011 and London 2012, Shelley’s goal is to continue to improve her performance.


Games Sport Event Medal
2011 Guadalajara Cycling Time Trial – Tricycle – Mixed 2011

Results Summary

Games Sport Event RESULT
2011 Guadalajara Cycling Individual Road Race – Open 5
2011 Guadalajara Cycling Time Trial – Tricycle – Mixed 2


BORN October 31 1968
BIRTHPLACE Niagara Falls
HEIGHT 173 cm
WEIGHT 60 kg

Games Attended

2011 Guadalajara



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