The Road Ahead

– 2009 –

January – March: Acquire a new racing trike and begin intense physical and nutritional regime.
April: Participate in the Defisport Montreal – an international paracycling event.
Attend Ontario Cycling Spring Training Camp.
May – June: Race in several Ontario Time Trials.
June: Join the Canadian Nationals in St. George de Beauce and qualify for the National Cycling Team.
August: Attend the World Championships in Spain.
September: Heavy training.
October: Continue with training.
November: Participate in the Pan American Championships
December: Break.

– 2010 –

January – March: Regular physical training.

April: Attend Pre-National Team training camp April 19-25

May: Participate in the Defisport Montreal, May2, 3.

June: World Cup Sevilla Spain, June 11-13.

July: Attend the Canadian National Championships.

August:World Championships in Baie Comeau Quebec, August 17-22.

September: Continue with training through to December.

– 2011 –

January – March: More intense physical training
March- Attend Team Canada spring training camp in Cuba

April: Participate in the Defisport Montreal.
May – June: Ontario Time Trial racing.
July: Participate in both the Canadian Championships and the World Cup  Events.
August-September: European training

September: Participate in the World Championships in Denmark.
November: Attend the Pan American Games
December: Break.

– 2012 –

January – March: Intense physical training. Spring Training Camp takes place in March in South Carolina.

April: Participate in the Defisport Montreal.
May – June: Training in Europe. Possibly ride the paraolympic course.

July: Participate in the Canadian Championships.
August: Final preparation.

August 29 – September 9, 2012: The Paralympics in London. Shelley is hoping.  Afterwards, finally rest and return once again to sanity!


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  1. S
    Incredible what you accomplish!

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