The Road Ahead

– 2009 –

January – March: Acquire a new racing trike and begin intense physical and nutritional regime.
April: Participate in the Defisport Montreal – an international paracycling event.
Attend Ontario Cycling Spring Training Camp.
May – June: Race in several Ontario Time Trials.
June: Join the Canadian Nationals in St. George de Beauce and qualify for the National Cycling Team.
August: Attend the World Championships in Spain.
September: Heavy training.
October: Continue with training.
November: Participate in the Pan American Championships
December: Break.

– 2010 –

January – March: Regular physical training.

April: Attend Pre-National Team training camp April 19-25

May: Participate in the Defisport Montreal, May2, 3.

June: World Cup Sevilla Spain, June 11-13.

July: Attend the Canadian National Championships.

August:World Championships in Baie Comeau Quebec, August 17-22.

September: Continue with training through to December.

– 2011 –

January – March: More intense physical training
March- Attend Team Canada spring training camp in Cuba

April: Participate in the Defisport Montreal.
May – June: Ontario Time Trial racing.
July: Participate in both the Canadian Championships and the World Cup  Events.
August-September: European training

September: Participate in the World Championships in Denmark.
November: Attend the Pan American Games
December: Break.

– 2012 –

January – March: Intense physical training. Spring Training Camp takes place in March in South Carolina.

April: Participate in the Defisport Montreal.
May – June: Training in Europe. Possibly ride the paraolympic course.

July: Participate in the Canadian Championships.
August: Final preparation.

August 29 – September 9, 2012: The Paralympics in London. Shelley is hoping.  Afterwards, finally rest and return once again to sanity!

2 responses to “The Road Ahead

  1. S
    Incredible what you accomplish!

  2. Margot Greer

    Shelley’s Baie Comeau August 2010 results noted today. You are really on the way to London now, and we will be there from Wales to cheer you on. Congratulations on your Baie Comeau world champion success.

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