The Team

Thank You To My Team!

It is close to the end of 2011 and Shelley wants to take some time to  reflect on the past year. It has been a learning year. Shelley learned how to ride faster by being more consistent with gear changes. She did very good at each race this past season.

Finishing a season that went very well for Shelley. The T1 Triker female category has a chance of being included in the upcoming London Paralympic Games. After combining all the trike racers at the Para Pan American Games it is now a possibility to have T1 trikers included at the Paralympics. By winning second place in the time trial race it shows Canada that it is possible for her to win a medal if she is sent to London.

For New Years, Shelley would like to thank everyone who helped make her results in 2011. Especially at the World Championships and Para Pan American Games possible.

Thank you for helping Shelley obtain her goals.Without friends and family, Shelley could not do this on her own. Their great support has helped her win two gold medals at the World Championships this past September. And a silver medal this past November in Mexico at the Para Pan American Games.

Shelley will continue to work hard in 2012 with hopes of going to the London Paralympic Games!

Alan Greer – Campaign Manager.

Eric Van Den Eynde, Program Coordinator and Head Coach of the Canadian Paracycling Team – Lead Coach: Eric is masterminding Shelley’s coaching and speed development process. His past Paralympic cycling coaching experience is instrumental in the overall campaign strategy.

Sebastian Travers Assistant Coach of the Canadian Paracycling Team

Arnaud Litou – paracycling coordinator of the Canadian Paracycling Team

Michael Van Dusen – Political Media Coordinator: Michael is working to ensure provincial and national support on Shelley’s journey to become Ontario’s first female Paralympic Trike racer.

Hank Boorsboom – Accountant.

Mechanics: Pete Lily and his team maintain and continually improve the performance of Shelley’s racing trike, tandem bicycle and recumbent trike. The mechanical team is also assisting in sourcing the preferred racing trike parts and together ensure that Shelley has a premier custom racing trike.

Jamie Meikle, Derek Baker, Shawn Gouler and Gord Preisler – Members of the Mechanical Team.

Monica Cranwell: Shelley’s first designated safety rider for the first official time trial in Ontario.

Darcy O’Connor, Trish More, Mike Letourneau: All have helped Shelley with meals and accommodations.

Adam (Chico) Ruppel: Chico has provided the tanden bicycle for training and is volunteering to increase Shelley’s average racing speed.

Andy Marsillo, Ron McKee, Lap Dogs Cycling Club and Michael Cranwell, Heather Jackson, Steve Jones

Pat McKee – Medical Coordinator: Pat is coordinating the medical components for Shelley, which involves the physical training required to ensure top performance.

Anne Agur –  Anne understands Shelley’s physical constraints and is working closely with Pat McKee.

John Rowland, Dixie and Bob Jones, Brian Neysmith, John Neysmith, Margot Greer, Marcel Despres, Stephen Burke, Ann Burnell, Heather Donaldson, Scott Moody, Cameron Grout, Danny McCoy, Bill Milne, Jodi Bussiere, Paul Piccininni, Ed Gautier, Rene Gautier.

Suzanne Letourneau and Ernie Gautier: Number One Motivators and Proud Parents.

Bettina Kuypers – Marketing Coordinator.

The Team has been great: All have helped in ways to numerous to mention. Thank You Very Much Team!

One response to “The Team

  1. John Rowland

    If anyone can accomplish a goal, it’s Shelley.

    Proud to be a ski buddy.


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